haha! have fun at highschool today NERDS. i’m gonna be doing cool ADULT stuff like sleeping WHENEVER i want and CRYING 

and in contrast to the very boone-riffic day yesterday, today is my baby Butters birthday. the big 2!

i love this cat an incredible amount. she’s a bit of a brat and very quick to slap me away and reject my love, but i am absolutely devoted to her. she’s my heart-cat. i got her almost two years ago, a few months after my childhood dog had passed away, and she helped me so much with my grieving process. i hope she’ll stick around with me for many years yet. she’s a special one


lavender field & Vidra, the whippet

  • person: i hate cats
  • me: what the fuck

some quick greyhound gestures from memory. i was kicking myself at the run for not bringing my sketchbook with me, but what can you do. still trying to figure out how their proportions work. these pages of sketches seem all i’m capable of doing lately, but at least it’s something.

man sometimes life seems like it really sucks and things get hard and nothing seems to be turning out the way you want it to, but then you get a day where you get to pet 30 dogs frolicking in a field and there’s no way that can be a bad day



here’s some actual nice pics of him from the rescue’s website

he’s 2 and a half, very tall, and soo calm and sweet it’s unreal. i took him for a walk and nothing fazed him - a baby rabbit jumped into the bushes beside us and he just looked briefly and moved on.

also he totally clonked his head on a flowerpot he wasnt looking at i am in love

Ok yep, I remember him.  Bilbo Jet Walker was his racing name.  I put his pics up on Greyhound data.  I can put more recent ones up sometime if you’d like!

Yeah that’s him! That’s great thank you so much for doing that :D


Two more shots with Boone for kangals.

Greyhound butt train

Anonymous: Are you still friends with Soldieryena/Avyris?

my love for avy is eternal


The last one has fat girl in it again.

Hey look, Boone makes an appearance in some of these :D He’s the black dog with the white chest and orange collar+muzzle. You can see him in the first and second pictures (and his butt in the last one). And omg was that fawn greyhound a chub. Sweet, but very overweight.


me: sorry I’m late i had to pet some cats on the way here




this dog is part husky part lab

the split is straight down the middle, quite literally


LOOK AT THIS!!! It looks like two different dogs! She literally got looks from both sides of her parents! JUST IMAGINE HOW HAPPY THEY MUST BE!!!!!

That dog is probably a chimera! The result of two eggs and sperm fusing.

Chimeras are incredibly rare. Heterochromia and mis-matched ears are very common. Aside from the blue eye and ear being on the same side, everything else about this dog matches perfectly. Not a chimera. A very cool-looking pooch, but a normal one.


no words to even describe how much I prefer cold weather over hot weather 

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