I’ve posted this before but this gives me strength when I have none


Springtime in Texas

Took a drive into the hill country to see the wildflowers and found this little spot at sunset. I could have stayed here for hours.

anyway thanks for the prompts guys this was fun <3 sorry if i didnt get to yours, ill try to do this again soon!

keeyla: Psst Kaylink you still taking drawing requests? Could you try drawing my lykoi cat fursona maybe? Furaffinity view/12733670/


finishing the day strong

ok gonna do one or two more then start to work on actual stuff *_* thank you guyss… my still unnamed fox child?

i reallly liked this guy haha

magpiemonarch: how about a magpie or a rat?


i am really bad at birds so here is a lil ratty for you c:


I have my dragon character, Blue, if you’d like! bleu-bells.deviantart.c…

imagekind of stylized her a bit haha she’s fun!

conduit-of-breath: sta(.)sh/05vikekic74 how about a dragon creature thing? c:


i like his eyes

hey i need to do some art warm-ups but im braindead on what to do, send me some asks of things to draw (random things, my ocs, your ocs, idec) and i’ll post some sketches

Get to hang out with this guy today at work :)


Posting art online


just spooning my boyfriend

out of his container

it’s ice cream


just so you know


how do people have so much art stamina

i make like one drawing and go “that’s it” for like three weeks

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