being an angry crier is the worst because people either feel bad for you or they think they won. like no. i’m gonna punch you in the jaw. i’m just crying i’ll still knock you down a peg.

true tumblr confession time: i dont get the hype of halloween






Something on the back of my business card for GP Richmond… figured it’d be fun if there was an MTG-related token side for people to enjoy. :D

On that note, I hope I can print out enough business cards to hand out… haha! 


good news, everyone: dogs


I Am a Bride

A short comic inspired by Finnish werewolf folklore in which it is many times the wedding couple and/or the entire wedding party that is bewitched to turn into wolves by a resentful guest or family member.

autumn flowers from the park


Photographer  Jerry Hull captured these adorable images of this female Red Fox known as “Chloe” playing, stretching and sleeping in the snow. 

gah seeing all my friends post their cool fanart makes me really want to post my own but im so out of practice and terrified of putting myself in the community ._. i haven’t drawn in over a month smh

such handsomes


[reads summary of fic] THIS IS WHAT I WANT
[reads first 10 words of fic] this is not what i want

adventures with the family wolf pack at a new dog park



when someone says something so wrong that really pisses you off but you don’t wanna start an argument so you just sit there like


  • me: [gently touches the sleeping cat]
  • cat: [makes a tiny cat noise]
  • me: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooooooooooooo ohh noo ohhhhh nooooooo oh no oh nooooo oh my god oh noooo
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