i changed my icon for the first time in 3 years everybody rejoice

portrait of boone done by re-mu-lle

I couldn’t sleep, and Boone DOES look badass, i mean, LOOK at the GODDAMN FLAMES, SON. So i did a thing. Sorry. flic.kr/p/phvR6…


boone in a snood

boone really wanted to chase the geese


Hello, Police? I accidentally stepped on my cats foot and need to be arrested


Like a stone by Daniel Parent

gaelickitsune replied to your post: so my worst fear happened today: boone…

Have you tried a halter collar for Boone? My lab had one and it seemed to calm her when we walked.

Yeah I had one of those for my old dog. They do work well, but for Boone he only ever pulls if he gets scared by something (such as the trains). Typically he’s very well-mannered so I use his Martingale

so my worst fear happened today: boone got off his leash while we were walking.

i was walking with him back from picking up my contacts which is on lincoln ave - a street boone’s not crazy about walking down because it runs parallel to the L tracks and he hates it when trains go by. so he was already a bit more tense than normal. one train went by a few seconds after we crossed under the tracks so it was very loud and he had strained against his collar trying to pull backwards out of it. he settles down and we keep going… and then i hear a “click” and the leash goes loose in my hand.

(the leash attaches to the collar with a carabiner clip. when he was trying to pull backwards then went forwards, the d-ring on the collar managed to slip loose)

and then woosh, he starts running down a side-street and im sprinting after him, which i mean, greyhound vs human. he gets about halfway down the block and then stops and just looks around at his surroundings like ‘oh this is interesting.’ (im still running towards him and shouting his name.) after about 5-10 seconds, he looks over at me… and then sprints towards me, tail wagging like ‘oh my god hi!!!! where were you!!!!’ i managed to grab his collar on his second pass by me and reattach the leash.

so ultimately no harm done. but hoooooly shit was my heart pounding. im just so lucky he chose to run down a quiet residential side-street instead of lincoln ave. and im so proud of him for coming when i called, even though i’ve only had him 2 months and he was off-leash and stressed in a place he’d never been. sighthounds are notorious for their awful recall and i shudder to think what would have happened if he hadn’t responded to me.

so yeah. carabiner came with a twist-on lock so im. going to be using that from now on.


when ur walking by people and they laugh


boone met the anti-boone at work yesterday


shout out to people who reblog my art

it’s like when you doodle something and your mom puts it up on the fridge except it’s the internet


Wading by Luke Mancini:

"Inspired by egrets in the creek between my place and work, a non-avian cousin enjoys foraging in a somewhat more natural environment. I had the tail in a more traditionally ‘dinosaur’y curve for most of the process but actually quite like the straight (more accurate) version in the end."

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